Friday, 10 September 2010

A few poems ... Send Yours and I'll add them to the Blog ...

Just thought I'd pop a few poems up to keep us all going ...
Chasing Rainbows is a reminiscance [tho not mine].
Summer Holiday ~ I feel a little bad about this ~ but sadly, at the moment, it's true.
Slay that Dragon ~ about the workplace of course.
You're welcome to add one of your poems to the comment box or email me at and I will copy and paste etc.

Summer Holiday

Sand pies and donkey rides,
toffee apples, ice-cream cones,
penny slots to the tower top.
Side shows, pier strolls,
arcade larks in pleasure parks,
landaus and tram tours.
Oyster bars, funny postcards
and the best fish and chip suppers.
A summer holiday.

Discos, boogie nights
strobe lights and neon
pubs, clubs, karaoke singing
alcohol chasers and fun.
Kiosks and canvassers,
kebab bars and burgers,
curry and chips, end E’s
and the night’s just begun.
A summer holiday.

Stags amass in lap dance saloons,
bare-midriffed girl-gangs
flock promenades, festooned
in logos and kiss me quick hats.
Grid spewing teens
collapse by roadside
market stalls, then muggers,
frays, fracas, a police siren
and drugs scuffle on street corners,
A summer holiday.

Slay that Dragon

So many dragons, leaping flames
filling your cheeks with scarlet,
tongue tips lashing like a rope
on a film too cruel to watch,
charring your memory forever.

Slay that dragon, cut out its tongue,
stop its outburst its constant song
maligning your mind, messing
with your attention span, fouling up
your incentive plan.

And when the dragon is slayed,
from the depths of humanity, another
breathes the hair on your neck
becks, calls, makes you hot under
the collar forget the dollar
the pound the yen, slay that dragon
who calls and calls again.

The dragon is dead in the middle of the night
nothing will resume its fire, its bite,
you dream of a dragon-free day,
impolite out of sight dragons,
breathing down someone else’s neck.

Slay that Dragon epitomises the pressures of modern life, expectations, deadlines and goals to meet. In the workplace, there is always someone to answer to, someone breathing down your neck, putting the heat on, making demands.

Chasing Rainbows

We used to hide beneath cotton covers,
torches glinting, uneven breathing, reading,

screen ourselves like twigs stuffing hedgerows,
watching blue-tits feeding,

chase rabbits down bob-tailed burrows
kneeling beside, feeling,

squelch and scurry along tractor’d furrows
scattering earth’s seedlings

and beneath glass frames, grumpy Joe’s marrows
hauled out by our scheming,

our cargo, brimming over his barrow
dispatched somehow, wheeling,

crunching gravel, dust drops borrow
our last breath, laughing

down emerald-eyed hills and buttercup meadows
me on your crossbar, reeling,

trickling streams, fine fingered sunlit hollows
coming, going, leaving

fresh breezes, pecking at my cheeks like sparrows
making feather bedding;

guzzling golden lemonade, we’d wallow
in liquorice hoardings,

endless escapades, chasing rainbows,
you leading, me preening;

Now I see it in a shadow,
trekking homeward to our willow;

Mum, beaming white flour, kneading,
those times I feel like stealing

as I see our scarecrow leaning.


1 comment:

  1. Chasing rainbows: (Be prepared for various analogies) Is it at all possible to get any more detail into this? It's like a tin of Campbell's soup that's just been opened that tastes just as good if not better undiluted.

    Slay that Dragon: Sums up my workplace nicely, though a lot of dragons can be tamed, there's usually at least one or two untamed beasts!
    "And when the dragon is slayed, from the depths of humanity, another breathes the hair on your neck" Where is Saint George when you need him?

    Summer Holiday: I love the way this starts off idealistic, then slowly descends into a chaotic 'scuffle'. True as it is, I'm sure it would be possible to write a second part to this to help restore our faith in humanity?

    Overall, inspiring reading.