Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another tip from Successful Speaking Coach, Kim Chamberlain

Loaded with information and ideas, I found Kim Chamberlain's 'Better Speaking, Better Thinking' ebook a great place to find refreshing tips to brush up on and build up my confidence around presentation skills. Speaking and thinking styles including Edward do Bono's 'Six Hats' system encourages an assortment of ways to develop one's own presentation style. Including strategies, structure techniques, communication and even potential problems 'If your mind gores blank', Kim seems to have all possibilities covered. By the time I'd read the text in full, I felt much more prepared to face my forthcoming presentations. Since then, I often refer to the text to prompt and refresh my presentations. My tips: Not to be missed - Excellent value.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Successful Women: A guide to achieving success in six life areas

Hi everyone, well in particular, Successful Women or to be more precise, women who want to be successful. Check out my friend's new kindle offering ...

Successful Woman; a guide to achieving success in six life areas by Kim Chamberlain:

I would definitely recommend Kim's Successful Woman: A guide to achieving success in six life areas. Not only is this fast pace easy-to-read for women on the go, I find it a treasure to dip into when I'm feeling fractionally negative. Kim's tips, ideas and prompts help me to stay positive and challenge myself to higher levels of achievement.
Great Christmas present and terrific value. [I'm sending it to my friends' kindles for Christmas - but don't tell them]

Check it out - at 77pence, it's Great for Christmas presents!


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Writing a novel with support ...

Thought this writing course looked cool and felt I should pass the information on ...

I really, really, really fancy trying this:

Unfortunately and fortunately, I'm busy with this ...

Interactive Activity Pages for Support workers to help identify broader needs of 
children, young people and adults
Personal Memory Joggers ~ to help prompt memory and social interaction
Activity Pages for Care and Dementia Homes, Carers and Care Coordinators
School Student Support Services ~ Early intervention ~ Identify difficulties and needs