Thursday, 17 February 2011

Great news for me ...

Yes ! Amazing! I have managed to edit 50 % of my novel and move the story along at last ! Now, if I can stop interrupting myself with emails, facebook and twitter, I should be producing something by the end of the month ~ in terms of a chapter rather than the complete novel.

During the processs, I realised that my title was blocking me through some sort of 80's time-warp. That was the first thing to go, the working title: Touchstone. What was that supposed to mean anyway? Well, to be honest, it meant quite a lot, personally ~ but probably not so much to today's reader. Touchstone was a memory from my past. The novel had to move with the times and now has a working title of Consequences.

So I'm off to bed with the beginning of Chapter 8, Consequences ~ Just hoping the characters don't start talking whilst I'm asleep.


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