Monday, 30 May 2011

General Stuff ... & Other People's Money ...

Everytime I find a space in my calendar, I intend to attend a lit fest. Everytime I try to do this, either; its winter and festivals are few and far between [if at all] or I need to climb aboard four trains and a bus to get to the festival. Okay, I could drive but I seem to have developed sleep apnea [yes, at first, I thought that was a joke word too], much like 'toping', 'knout', 'crepuscular' and 'farinaceous', words from 'One Day' by David Nicholls and Justin Cartwright's recent novel, 'Other People's Money', which I feel almost ashamed to admit, I had to look them up in a dictionary [Ooooh ~ how utterly dreadful]. However, Justin Cartwright's novel about banking dynasties, class, family secrets, a mild thriller with gentle satire played out in a rich man's playground is a really great read once you've passed the first few pages on talk of hedge funds, sub-primes and the like. 'Justin Cartwright manipulates our sympathies with masterly ease, unwinding the story with gentle satire, and, as ever, acute and beautifully phrased insights into the eccentricities and weaknesses of the human condition.' Clearly the words of a Waterstones review. Try it. Because you're worth it. By the way, it cost £12.99 at the airport - so order before you go on holiday.

Published 07/03/2011
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
ISBN 9781408814130


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