Sunday, 22 January 2012

Checking in ...

Hello everyone,
Not only do I feel I have deserted everyone ... I've been sulking about not having time to blog - but more truthfully, I've have had to focus so much on a recent project [that's not a complaint btw] that I banned myself from blogging.

Knowing fully that my blog isn't a complete writer's stop-off paradise for workshops, advice, regular loooonnggg posts, interviews and updates on everyone else who's been or just getting published - my blog is what it is - a blog - a web log.

I believed that the initial idea of a blog was to write / provide snippets of information, entertainment, shared interests? something like a diary ?? Any answers on a postcard ...

I've been criticised for my blog being like an overgrown Facebook page. But hey-ho - who's in charge here? My idea of a blog is perhaps a cork notice board with tweets ... hang on - I could be onto something here ...

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is this:
Whilst I've been doing my real work, I've been much more open to scenery [not necessarily mountains and skies at dusk, but objects, cultural signifiers, the tiny happenings of day to day life.

Take for instance this telephone box ... it's in the vicinity of Parliament buildings in London.

Who has used this phone box in past years?
What conversations have been passed through it?
What characters might we imagine have entered the box? And why?
What were they wearing?
What was the weather like?
Where were they going after?
Who had they been speaking to?

I'm sure this could get a short story off the ground ?? Now let's see ... could you do one because I've got to get back to my real job!

See you soon,

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