Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How to hot up your Linkedin profile page ...

Good morning everyone,
I assume you are social media converts as you've found this ~ so thought this might be of interest ...
The Linkedin business-ey networking site seems to be the place to go if you're seeking employment, promoting and making business contacts and showcasing start-up businesses.

Linkedin to businesses wanting to network is like Facebook to friends. Not at all showy like twitter, there seems to be a kind-of secret set of guidelines as to how to present yourself.

It's important to say who you are and what you do in a smart and interesting way without bragging. Don't be shy. Don't boast. Just be cool. And be true to you.

Obviously two of the most important things on your home page is your profile photo [preferably not one on holiday in Ayia Napa] and your personal summary ...

So here's a few tips to hot up your Linkedin summary ...

Your Photo
Personal Branding
Semi personal summary to reflect your personality
Use key words that belong to you or you want to own
Express Professional experience
Build trust
Be precise & concise
Who you are
What you do / want to do
Why you’re unique
Choose some key words:
passionate about / interested in / specifically / presence / focus primarily on / goals / objectives / strategy / winning tactics / opportunity / driving force / interaction / effective / fast learner / good listener / asset / driven / goals / accomplishments / skills
Make your paragraphs short and precise:

Paragraph 1
Why you are there - use powerful key words
Paragraph 2
What you are currently doing
How previous positions relate to the present
What you specialise in - discuss here what you do 
[Consultant/Graphic Designer/Educator/Illustrator/Writer]
Paragraph 3
Self promotion - Why you should you be chosen above someone else
Why should a new employer or client phone you first?
Paragraph 4
Your specialities - Use Your industry buzz words - they’ll match search enquiries / queries 
Paragraph 5
Be sure to put your contact details here ....

You might even find something new about yourself!
Enjoy the process, Gillian

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