Friday, 7 September 2012

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I'm really happy to say that my first shop :~ Creative Writing & Drawing Activity Products for Carers, Teachers and Student Support, Educational Organisations, Early Intervention Assessments and Care Support Services is now open on :~
Happy Days Publishing website :~ 

Happy Days provides a series of interactive activity pages to aid professionals, practitioners, teachers and support workers assess children, young people and adults' difficulties, needs, wants and wishes.

Happy Days ~ creative ideas for people with or caring for someone with dementia.

If you know or live with someone who has dementia ~ please read on ...

Living with someone with Dementia can be daunting, challenging and even tiring. Doing things together can help prevent boredom or ease frustrations for a person with dementia.

For Carers, Families and Friends, People with early stage dementia, Support Workers ...

Happy Days Publishing supplies creative ways to help manage Dementia Days ...

Memory Boxes - prompt reminiscence, collect memorabilia and create conversation 
Dementia Day Planners - keep track of visitors - manage dementia days ~ medicines
Labels and Signage - aid recognition in the home ~ can include name and photo
Talking & Doing Prompt Cards - create new conversations ~ do activities together 

More images, information and shop at

Call by and check out ideas to support child, young and adult carers ...

Check out Happy Days for Dementia ... more at

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