Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hello everyone visiting Artywords ~ I'm afraid that I'm soooo busy designing and developing memory prompts and activities for people living with dementia that I haven't got a nano second to write my children's stories or finish 'that' novel which has temporarily scurried away into the bottom draw of the filing cabinet !

So, please, hop over the www.happydayspublishing.blogspot.com and share the word about new resources to help carers interact with residents in residential care homes.

Getting to really know each resident can provide a basis for conversation and shared topics, prompt activity and help to stave boredom or agitation. "All About Me" is a subtly colourful booklet for people with dementia to share with carers, record social history, favourites and not-so-favourties. Extra care through social interaction may enhance well-being for both participants.

'My Memory Jogger' contains more space and is a special place to record life experiences, photographs and recollections. Designed to share with family, friends and carers to create conversation and activity, provide meaningful interaction and enjoyment.

See you at Happy Days Publishing blog

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