Saturday, 15 June 2013

New Books ... business plan ... camera ... action ...

So, is this enough for the bank manager?

After an expensive couple of days presenting my wares at a an exhibition of national publishers where I went along with my paste board table, embroidered table cloth and my newly acquired BnQ grey plastic shelf units [all perfectly useful by the way], I couldn't help noticing the professionals ... lights, cameras, book shelves [in chrome and matt black with angled shelves and rows of books in differing colours which presumably related to reading levels]. No-one could help but to notice them, their suave exhibition stands with glossy book covers stretching from end to end, their brightly lit environment where everything became uniquely clear [I'd not ordered a light], their smart approach ... need I go on ...

So here it is, my plan for the next exhibition ... and just maybe I'll find a bookshelf or two ... and save up for a lighting effect.


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