Monday, 26 August 2013

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Loving sharing these books with you ...

Check out Kim's lovingly created works at:

New Zealand author Kimaya, specialises in children’s personal growth and development. Kimaya has a highly contagious enthusiasm for life and love of people; an illuminator of individual magnificence, power, passion and purpose. Her books relay this beautifully to readers from 3 years through to teens and young adults, including the child within us all.

A note from Kim: Through all my work and travel I’ve always gravitated towards roles that focus on mind, body and soul.  I have a number of qualifications and have worked in a wide variety of industries and careers but in all my work there has been a constant theme of holistic health and wellbeing.

Kim's books on love are such a joy to the senses. You can feel the warmth, see the glow and be transformed by all the love that surrounds you. "All the Flavours of Love" is truly the flavours of life itself because love is all there is. Arielle Faith Michael, Hawaii.

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