Monday, 13 December 2010

Surprise Package ... Lonely as a Platform Bench

Just opened the post and in a white padded envelope, it seemed like a book had arrived ... my deductions were correct yet I hadn't ordered anything from Amazon. It wasn't the Delicious Mag I wait for, mouth watering every month. It wasn't even an enforced Natural Remedy mag the result of once ordering some Acai Berry ... It was this :~


and ... on ... page 150 ... this :~

Lonely as a Platform Bench

Lonely as a platform bench
she butts her fag end into
grey ash mountains, waiting
for the past to disappear,
her mobile burrs, spews
whispers in her ear,
soggy as a wet newspaper.

A star point flashes
on the neck of a green glass bottle,
she drinks to its signal
ten maybe more, fall to the floor,
the present grows painless
and the world withdraws.

Drums roll inside her head, in her bed,
waves break in measured thunder,
castles toss across the sky and turn,
all lies un-leaving
as the sun comes up
honeyed on the window sill,
the lonesomeness begins.

Gillian Hesketh

That feels good. Now for the collection ....


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