Sunday, 2 January 2011

To Kindle or not to Kindle ? ...

Okay, so I might be a bit late on the band-wagon, but I've got a Kindle at last !!

After researching ebooks v paperback and writing an article for a Blackpool Arts Festival newspaper, I was amazed to find how many readers enjoyed not only the tactile effect of a paperback, but the smell, I began to wonder how I would cope with a Kindle. I ended up with my vote for the paperback which was really unfair as I had only toyed with an ipad for a few days and only seen a smaller reader like the Kindle over someone's shoulder at an airport.

I received one for Christmas, thanks to hubby and so far, managed very nicely thankyou. I played around with the font sizes and downloaded a book [£7.99!], 'The Road to Wigan Pier', by George Orwell. I apologise for not knowing his real name, Eric Arthur Blair. I know my memory's not brilliant but as an English student, fairly ashamed I didn't even know this fact !

Back to the Kindle:
It's easier to handle than I had expected ~ Easier to hold ~ Needs only one hand ~ It's like holding one side of a book, so you don't have to prop the other side open.
The screen appears to have a matt finish with a texture which looks like paper ~ reminds me of the fire effect on a TV monitor in a pub - but better.

Changing the size of the font is handy ~ especially if you're tired.

Yet it feels strange to not have a page number up on the screen [probably due to chosen font size?] and also, I can't gauge where the next chapter is.

I could however take a dozen books on tour with me ~ and only carry the weight of the Kindle and charger. That's a bonus. Now I need to find somewhere to go ...

All in all, I do enjoy using the Kindle ... But don't feel left out, I love you paperbacks just as much as ever, I always will.


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