Sunday, 7 October 2012

Puppies and PhDs ...

Good Sunday Morning everyone,
It's a gorgeous one here. The sun is blurring onto my south facing front garden, casting leisurely shadows onto a few lazy autumn leaves ... oh sorry ... back to the point of the blog ...

I'm often going on about prioritising, focussing [one c or two?] ... when everything lands on your desk, in your office, on your shop floor, manufacturing bay, at your front door, on your kitchen worktop or in your head - well it's time for me to do some prioritising. Writing my Happy Days Project is beginning to take over my life in a exciting way of course - it's a project which has already and hopefully will benefit more young people and adults who are experiencing difficulties. If the project rolls out successfully, it may help reduce costs and therefore benefit tax payers too ! ... more on Happy Days Blog or Facebook Page].

Oops - there I go procrastinating. The real point to this blog was to post a photo of a puppy and ask about PhD's. This is a place for asking questions isn't it? Well, first, here's the photo of my in-laws puppy - for the lady who was asking - the puppy's fashion breed / brand / label ... is CAVASHON - Charlie is a mixture of Bijon Frise and King Charles Cavalier [Spaniel] - as I understand. He's a super puppy, energetic, bright, loving and barks at the right times.

The other point was to discuss the possibility of doing a research PhD - not on puppies - but on Early Intervention. Childhood is a journey that could shape a child for the rest of his or her life. Identifying difficulties earlier in life could help some young people form a more positive sense of self, outlook and ensure wellbeing. Of course, this would take up a massive 3 years - at the same time, I would be Writing the Happy Days Programme, communicating with my 4 almost adult children and caring for my mum. Prioritise? I think I'll need a Happy Days Page to help me work it all out.

Meanwhile - I am about to prioritise. I'm off to somewhere a little warmer for a few days to finish one of my projects: Happy Days Care Home Activities, Memory Boxes and Personal Joggers.  No phone, limited internet access, plenty of fruit, no chocolate [ it melts anyway ] and no more than one unit of alcohol per day.

See you next week everyone, hope the sun shines.

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