Friday, 12 October 2012

Travelling and Writing ...

Many of us - including me - groan at luggage allowances. I don't need to take a lot with me on holiday - but I'd just like to have enough room for moisturiser, swimwear, hotel slippers [even to a hot place], a few clothes -  and of course - my laptop, books and research materials - which usually take up more than half the weight.

So, being lucky enough to work away in a sunny climate this week ... I formed a 'packing-my-travel- case' strategy in my head. Which books can I possible leave behind ? I'm not talking fiction here or even Kindle ... I'm talking about behavioural info books, A4 notepads with all my notes, diaries, journals and associated books, my thoughts and ideas on scraps of paper, scribblings, sketches ... 

Right. Got. It. All. Sorted. 

Until my husband announced that we could only take hand luggage ! ARRggghhhh What to do?

No hair straighteners - make -up - extra clothes just in case ... but more of a challenge - which books/notes/ideas do I pack - and which do I leave behind?

I have to say, now I'm settled, the whole experience has been refreshing:

I had to focus completely on which topic[s] I was going to write about during the week

Not feeling any urge to make-up my face in the evening [you'll see from the photos that I clearly don't spend a huge amount of time on this pastime] or consider too deeply about what to wear [usually spend some considerable time on this], provided a real sense of freedom.

Apart from my diversion to blogging today - I have remained totally focussed on one area of my work and completed much more than usual.

My advice: Next time you go away - don't give in to the £50 for the privilege of taking a travel case - and waiting an hour or so for it's retrieval at airports - Travel Light - You're Worth It !


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