Monday, 27 May 2013

Call Me Old Fashioned ... you probably should ...

Call me old fashioned - out of date - behind the times ... oh go on then, I deserve it.

I have just found this:

shock, surprise and satisfaction all in one!

I had been going to the post office to get items weighed and priced for delivery and before that, [it gets worse], I had been guessing postal prices - which involved promising to post an item to Australia for £3.00 when it actually cost £7.35.

So, get out the kitchen scales, weigh your item to post and check it out on the chart:
First class, second class, letter, parcel, recorded delivery ... the list does go on a bit ...

Bigger surprise ...

You can actually purchase the postage on line and print off the ticket - no more queuing at post office main counters !!!!!!!

Brill - Terrific - Cool - kk - Yay - Happening ... and all of the most modern terminology I can think of to appreciate this brand new find.

Hey ho, just off to see what else is new [ish]

See you later,


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