Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The School Book is ready !!! Let's shout it from ... School mentors, counsellors, SEN support professionals, teachers, deputy heads, youth club leaders, carers centres ...

The School Book is Ready - 'Helping Young People' 

Let's shout it from the top of the mountains - sail it out across the oceans, fly it around the world ... or I could just pop into your office, classroom, staff meeting, corridor or stationery cupboard to show you the colourful, easy-to-use resources to help young people identify, express and communicate difficulties or broader needs to bring about earlier or more specific support.

The Master Copy is on special offer this week and comes with extra resources, usb flash drive and license to photocopy.

Please email me for content list and images - or to order whilst the Nasen Live Exhibition offer is on and take advantage of great savings.


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