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Monday, 27 May 2013

Just for fun, Batman, Sindy, Lego and the rest ...

What do you buy as a gift for a someone in their 50's - for the person who had everything?
For the person who wants to re-live their youth?

Batman - Sindy - Action Man - Lego - School Report - and more ...

Fun Memorabilia Pack £5.95    
plus £1pp

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Call Me Old Fashioned ... you probably should ...

Call me old fashioned - out of date - behind the times ... oh go on then, I deserve it.

I have just found this:


shock, surprise and satisfaction all in one!

I had been going to the post office to get items weighed and priced for delivery and before that, [it gets worse], I had been guessing postal prices - which involved promising to post an item to Australia for £3.00 when it actually cost £7.35.

So, get out the kitchen scales, weigh your item to post and check it out on the chart:
First class, second class, letter, parcel, recorded delivery ... the list does go on a bit ...

Bigger surprise ...

You can actually purchase the postage on line and print off the ticket - no more queuing at post office main counters !!!!!!!

Brill - Terrific - Cool - kk - Yay - Happening ... and all of the most modern terminology I can think of to appreciate this brand new find.

Hey ho, just off to see what else is new [ish]

See you later,


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The School Book is ready !!! Let's shout it from ... School mentors, counsellors, SEN support professionals, teachers, deputy heads, youth club leaders, carers centres ...

The School Book is Ready - 'Helping Young People' 

Let's shout it from the top of the mountains - sail it out across the oceans, fly it around the world ... or I could just pop into your office, classroom, staff meeting, corridor or stationery cupboard to show you the colourful, easy-to-use resources to help young people identify, express and communicate difficulties or broader needs to bring about earlier or more specific support.

The Master Copy is on special offer this week and comes with extra resources, usb flash drive and license to photocopy.

Please email me for content list and images - or to order whilst the Nasen Live Exhibition offer is on and take advantage of great savings.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Schools, Carers, Care Service Providers ...

Happy Days will be exhibiting at Nasen Live Reebok Stadium BL66JW on 22 & 23 May - SEN, Schools, Carers, Dementia Care Homes, looking forward to meeting you there ...

More information coming this week-end

Happy Days Publishing

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Prepare for Independence ~ Young People ... Schools, Mentors, Young Carers, SEN, a way forward ...

Out Now !

Preparing for Independence ~ a creative interactive booklet to help you consider choices, prepare to make plans ahead, organise life 'stuff' and encourage well-being ...

All in one handy place for you to write, draw, express, plot, plan ... the choices are endless.

If you are are involved in the education sector; teacher, school mentor, support worker or carer support worker, this booklet is for you and/or your students.

This product has been made accessible by being priced to be affordable to organisation budgets.

email or phone Gillian Hesketh - Happy Days Publishing: happydayspublishing@yahoo.co.uk

Happy Days Publishing 01253 899163

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Momentum ... Goals ... Momentum ... Goals

Check out David Wallace Fleming  - Indie Literary - Interesting thoughts on technology and relationships, quirky quotes, interviews and more ...

Without goals, would we just stand still and quack quietly?

David Wallace Fleming is writer of self-termed, technical satire and author of many digital books including Not From Concentrate, Modern Manhood, and the social media novel Growing Up Wired.


Posted on March 13, 2013
Why do people stop themselves once they’ve got something started? Why do people stop short of achieving a goal, again and again?
Sure, part of the problem is the fear of the unknown but the other problem is a lack of setting goals. If a person isn’t moving toward a goal, then they’re just moving out into the unknown abyss of space. That’s scary stuff. 
Another cool thing about momentum is that it seems to be fairly scalar. If one keeps doing the same thing everyday, there’s no telling where one will end up.
A lot of times when people casually talk about momentum I think what they might really be referring to is inertia or the tendency of things to stay in  a given state of motion. If you ask people why things tend to stay in a given state of motion no one can really give you a straight answer. It’s one of those mysteries that we’re not really supposed to think about or ask questions about. What is inertia? What is mass? Why does mass have the properties that it has and why do those properties behave the way that they behave?
If a duck wakes up every morning and says, “quack,” then we might say that that duck had a certain inertia to keep waking up in the morning and saying “quack,” even if prior quacks weren’t all they were quacked up to be. We might say that said duck had a certain quack-inertia to its character.
Now, IF a second duck awoke each morning and quacked just a little bit louder than our first duck, then this second duck might also have a distinct and slightly greater quack-inertia. Now what’s gonna happen when these two ducks meet? The second duck is going to out-quack the first! This second duck is going to have a greater quack-momentum. This second duck will be a victorious duck and will be invited to all the best duck-parties.
Inertia is a scalar quantity of a system that describes that systems stubbornness. Momentum, on the other quack, is best for describing who or what will win when two systems come into conflict.
So, maybe this is the second secret to the audacity of momentum: not only do we have to set goals, but we have to become more competitive to prepare for eventual conflicts with our competitors.