Monday, 25 October 2010

Lifeboard ... To Lifeboard ...

Take a look at this :

If you want to get a life ... Lifeboard ~ It's basically setting your life out in pictures. A visual road map of your life which allegedly helps you plan your life's wants and needs.

You take the thoughts out of your head and lay them down in front of you ~

Basically, cut out images from magazines etc. that attract you ~ for whatever reason ~ colour, texture, implication, setting; a place you want to visit, people, words...

Under headings: career, family and friends, prosperity, love, marriage, success, paste the images into the boxes [preferably on a large pre-drawn segmented and labelled circle].

For further details, watch the video:

It's argued that people who plan and focus are more successful than people who don't.

There's got to be something in it ~ I can see the point of seeing something in front of you rather than keep talking about the same topics over and over is the key ... The images are clearer to understand and identify ... and maybe subconsciously, they bring out the real wants and needs from deep down inside the individual ???

Have a go. It doesn't cost anything and may inspire or motivate you ...
Let me know how you get on ...



  1. I'm currently in the process of looking for new employment, and ever since starting (about 2 weeks ago) i've been keeping track of contacts and conversations using a spreadsheet and a notepad. This seems quite normal you may say, but what I have also been been doing is writing down anything that comes into my head for example who I want to contact, how I can get myself 'out there', and methods of achieving this. What I hadn't previously realised is just how helpful this process would be in focussing my efforts enabling me to see a little clearer the -'wood for the trees'. Getting to the point though, I can see how a 'lifeboard' would help with planning one's life-targets, career-targets being just one aspect.

  2. That sounds a good idea ... yes fairly similar to lifeboard. I might have a go when applying to agents etc. - I'm a pro list person anyway. I even have lists of lists. I know lifeboards may seem a little 'silly' but amazing how they can suddenly throw things up ...
    Try this ... Write 5-10 words to describe yourself [as quickly as possible] ... then with your non-writing hand, on a fresh page, write another 5-10 words to describe yourself [as quickly as possible] ... see what happens ...