Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Novel: Touchstone

For Prologue and Chapter 1 of my novel in progress, see My Pages ... The Novel ~ Touchstone ...

Brief Outline:~

In the depths of a freezing January evening, Verity Spencer stumbles onto a city bridge. In one hand, an empty vodka bottle, in the other, a photograph of her children. Can Verity face the truth? Could her next choice change her life completely?

Verity just wants more. Searching for a perfect life in a contemporary world, Verity Gilligan married avaricious entrepreneur, Edward Spencer, owner of Xtreme Leisure.

Edward assumes absolute power, controlling everyone and everything until he is mysteriously exposed for bribary and corruption.

Suffering alcohol induced depression, Verity blames herself for choosing Edward and the lifestyle; she was paying the price with something more than money could buy. Can she find the key to set herself free?

More to follow ...

Also, Looking for suitable title ... any ideas ?


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