Wednesday, 24 November 2010

~ Found it ...

Can't believe it ...

1. What has happened to the depths of my brain ... to my long term memory ?

2. Where was Chapter 4 ?

3. Where had it been hiding?

4. How come it suddenly appeared ~ out of the blue?

During a laptop exchange, I sensed something was missing. It wasn't until an edit tidy-up that I reaslised what it was ... Chapter 4 !

I talked myself into the fact that I had at some point, merged chapter 4 into chapter 3. I began to belive it. I thoroughly believed it ~ There wasn't really any other choice.

Chapter 3 has now been tidied and spruced up. So, I was deciding whether to go straight in, making Chapter 5 the new chapter 4 ~ just like that rich, luxurious, exciting, dark navy is the new black this season ? Or switch 5 with 6 and speed up the pace of the story ~ something I never argue with.

NO ... Wait ... Voila ... As if by Magic ... Chapter 4 appears ! ... all 11 pages PLUS Chapter 4B !! Something I had completely forgotten about - where Verity takes over the Mother and Toddler Group - introduces new characters, a sub-plot and a friend ... You're right the scence for the necessary outcome could be more exciting ...

Nevertheless the recent find has scared me. What else is lurking out there in hidden in files, boxes, emails ... in the dark places in my memory ???

So, excuse me everyone while I take a couple of days to sort this one out.

I could just delete it of course, and make Chapter 5 the new Chapter 4, like navy is the new ....

See you soon, Gillian

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