Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Day 2 on the Jill Hesketh Diet Plan ...

This might be what is referred to as 'Cross-over' ~ it started life on my Daughters in Distress blog and might sort-of belong here too ...

The Jill Hesketh Diet Plan:~
[all in over-exaggerated Geordie accent as in Big Brother presenters]

Day 2 ~ Breakfast: [for day 1, see www.daughtersindistress.blogspot.com]

2 x rounds of white bread, toasted with lashings of butter.

Large beaker of Nescafe with lots of milk.

Quarter packet Cadbury's nibbles (found them at last !)

Beaker of water - due to pure guilt.

Result: Headache and lethargy !

In my defence, I've been writing all week-end ~ staying up late, emailing and creating packages of examples for publishers and agents [the pressure of which is enough to cause a head-ache in itself] ~ and designing the Daughters-in-Distress Christmas Annual ~ yes that's correct ... although desigining the Daughters-in-Distress Christmas Annual should probably have been carried out before contacting Agents and Publishers ... hey ho ...


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