Thursday, 10 March 2011

'That Letter Arrives ...'

Lo and Behold ... A letter through the letter box. It's not an bill. It's not junk mail. It's not even a speeding / parking / London zone ticket from one of my sons / daughter ! ... It's a letter from a PUBLISHER ! Yes, a PUBLISHER. Now I'm not getting all dizzy and carried away. I'm not hyper-ventilating, [yet]. I've not told anyone. I need to read that letter a few more times [must be a bit like winning the lottery and not believing it at first] Yes, it's just another ordinary day. Things to do. emails, letters, phone calls, decorating ... editing 'The Mysteries of Ramper Pot' ... Sorry? Should I repeat that?

So that's it. I scoured the internet [what a wonderful tool the internet is] and managed to locate a like-minded publisher. I'll be editing the 10 chapters as soon as and forwarding them to Canada for a once or twice over ... Fingers crossed ...

You don't mind if I get off early tonight do you ???


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