Monday, 28 March 2011

Update ...

Well, my novel, working title: Consequences, oka my novel, working title: Touchstone, has been given a break. Verity is misbehaving, she is not yet a fully formed character and so, I'm finding it difficult to continue with her. I've been thinking about her a lot ~ of course and there's something missing. She's too nice. I'm not sure what she's even wearing now. Why would the successful entrepreneur, Edward, pick her over someone else? More research into the nature of an addictive character probably necessary too? Just in the nick of time, a pleasantly wonderfully lovely, delightful, helpful lady from Canada would like to read an edited version of my children's novel, The Mysteries of Ramper Pot. And so, that has taken priority for a month or so. I'm hoping that in the meantime, Verity will fully form herself and then I'll be able to get hold of Consequences and steam through it.


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