Friday, 29 July 2011

Espresso? Dark Chocolate? Mint Tea?

Here's a bit of fun. Submit your writing to the Creative Cafe Project and assign your story a drink :

The Creative Cafe concept seems to me, a fabulous utopian idea ... I want one ! Or at least I'd love to have one nearby. I want to be the writer who's pretending to write a novel on her laptop, the one who people interrupt ... ask questions ... share writerly stuff ...

The Creative Café is the brainchild of university lecturer and children’s writer, Gill James. In 2006 she envisaged a network of cafés where creative practitioners know they are welcome and where normal coffee lovers know that they will be able to experience something a little different as they sip their brew. This is happening informally. The project aims to identify, create and expand Creative Cafés. Several pilot / benchmark cafés have been identified. The project is now seeking to organise expansion logically.

The Creative Cafe Project is looking for:
... thought-provoking and entertaining stories, though ones which might be a tad different from what you normally read in a woman’s magazine. They should be the sort of length that would make easy reading whilst you drink a cup of coffee, even if you linger a while, but without you needing to rent-a-table.

Each story will be assigned the name of a drink. [You may assign the drink] Something light and frothy might be a hot chocolate. A dark piece of flash fiction could be an espresso. Something good for the soul would be a mint tea.

[Suggest under 3000 words. Shorter stories and flash fiction welcome]

Check it out, Gillian 

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