Wednesday, 13 July 2011

More Pamphlet Proto-types ...

I began with an idea, like most people do. A poetry pamphlet. I realise the 'poetry pamphlet' is not my idea, but my idea was for me to publish one or have one published. Is there a difference? Possibly around £200. So my idea, [not a actually an idea, more of a-this-is-how-they-usually-look] to print a poetry pamphlet, began as a standard issue Poetry Pamphlet:

Card cover with title, author and logo; 4 x A4 pieces of white slightly thicker copy paper [possibly the logo or similar printed on one or two pages], with Times Roman point 12 font in black.

Then I visited my friend who's an expert on hand-crafted celebration cards - or sticking and cutting as I often call it. Here are yet some more proto-types:

Possibly the reason why my blog posts are getting temporarily shorter.

Thanks for reading, Gillian

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