Thursday, 28 July 2011

Faux Pas and Random Figures ...

Faux Pas

Cool as a martini in Manolo Blahnik towers
she steps from the tube, mind the gap,
sharp stilettos clipping the steps
Louis Vuitton hanging,
she clings to the glue-coated
moving handrail, hails a cab,
slips tortoiseshells in her hair,
tap, tapping on monikered mobile,
a jewel encrusted fake,
she ogles at Oscar de la Renta.
and travels to nowhere.

I was just exploring the opinion that luxury is more of your own perception than what it says on the label when I came across these figures:

China – 300,000 millionaires
Russia – 88 thousand millionaires
[Moscow] 33 billionaires
India – 70,000 millionaires


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