Sunday, 17 April 2011

B&Q it ... Don't Do it ...

I can't believe it ... Instead of writing a short piece for Artywords, I got involved with a B&Q diy feedback ~ don't ask me why or how, I just got way too involved with it all ... and got timed out! How Rude!

As a rule, I never get bogged down with surveys of any sort but I keep getting so wound up with the self-serve check-out at B&Q, rammed with boxes and people with low-loaders driving into my ankles, that I had to have my say. The only thing is, that I had a rather long say which included the words 'Health and Safety' and eventually got timed out!

So, apologies, I didn't get around to what I was going to say ... now what was it?

Er... em ... er ...

May be an early night and start again tomorrow [Without a trip to B&Q or the survey]


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