Thursday, 28 April 2011

Feedback for Writers ...

There are some great sites out there for writers to have their work read and receive feedback. Usually, the plan is mutual. In order to receive feedback, you must critique someone else's work first. Fair enough. The other option is to pay.

I am intending to set up a local group ~ for writers to offer feedback. No tests or exercises. Just read each other's stuff and offer positive criticism [and maybe a teeny-weeny bit of negative criticism - if necessary].

For a limited period, I am happy to offer some feedback for free ~ and you don't have to read anything of mine ! That's lucky I hear you breathe.

Just so you know, I did receive a BA Hons English Literature / Language / Creative Writing and Master of Arts in Creative Writing.

Email me your 'stuff' to
Poetry, Short Stories, Novel ... the choices are endless ~ but please, only around 5 pages.

See you later,

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