Friday, 29 April 2011

Really Useful Stuff ... Writing Exercise Number 1 ... The Circle ...

Thought I would add some more usefull 'stuff' to the blog. So here's my first writing exercise to get you going ...

Draw A Large Circle on a Large piece of paper.
Think about your life.
Divide Circle up into Segments according to your present thoughts about your life.
Allot segments to time spans or specific events.
[ie. childhood / school / work / hobby / marriage / promotion /specific event / travel]
[It doesn't matter if the segments don't correspond proportionately to the events - or that the circle is not totally 'finished'].
Choose one time span or event.
List what happened.
Now let go of all inhibitions and write for 10 minutes on this event.

Make cup of tea / pour glass of wine / eat fruit, chocolate or crisps / go for a jog if you must [but I hate you for it] ... then return to your writing.

Are you amazed ? Surprised? Did you touch something that has been hidden in the back of your mind for some time? Did the exercise make you feel emotional?

Free writing often evokes memories and emotions. These memories can be adapted into your story / poem / piece of writing and the raised emotion drawn on to make your story real.


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