Thursday, 4 August 2011

Eating Fire ...

Whilst searching for 'something specific' on the internet and finding 'something' else, clicking here and scrolling there, I came across 'Shelfari' - via via Amazon - you can see my starter collection of books on the right - yet another fun but time consuming activity to get involved with when practising procrastination, I found [crikey this is a long sentence] this on my bookshelf ... obviously it wasn't lost in the first place but I had completely forgotten about it: [not finished yet ~ very Marcel Proust] Margaret Atwood's 'Eating Fire', poetry which, according to Michele Roberts, 'sings off the page and stings.' Phew! Not for the faint hearted, Margaret Atwood, Canadian's most eminent novelist and poet, who is also the author of 'Blind Assassin' [booker prize winner 2000], offers 368 pages of elegantly pressented, powerful, imaginative, detached, symbolic, ironic, daring, thought provoking poems which she published between 1965 and 1075.  Beat that!

Well worth dibbing into.


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