Monday, 22 August 2011

Ebook ... ing ...

So, I've been researching ebook reading. Or rather, ebook publishing. 'It's reasonably simple', a quote from one ebook publisher's story. Try Lulu, Blurb, Smashwords ... another endless list. Where to start? With a pin and a map? Clearly not possible unless I wanted to ruin my laptop screen and maybe electrocute myself - although three days later, I might have considered it.

I decided not to try to finish 'that' novel in record time and instead, considered trying out the ebook-publishing process on a short story. 'Summer Indlugence' it was to be, and it was, in more ways than one. I had a list of operations to perform/translate/format files, notes to self, more lists and lists of lists of lists; mobi, epubl, eula, kindlegen. 'Summer Indulgence' comandeered most of the past week and was about to indulge the last of the summer if I hadn't given in and allowed two lucky ladies in the US of A to format my offering and design a front cover.

This process was much simpler. I emailed the formatters with my attachment[s] and they returned the files ready to upload onto Smashwords. I paid around 20 dollars via paypal and was ready to go.

That was three days ago. All I have to do now is upload the files. And hey presto ... my short story for the world to read on more-or-less any make of ereader. So the question I am asking myself ... is why am I indulging in blogging when 'Summer Indulgence' is waiting to be released, given a new life in ebook-world?

Am I scared of what people will say? Probably. I am worred no-one will buy the story? Yep. Am I concerned thousands will buy the story and want more? Hmm... What do you think ??

Better get off and upload 'Summer Indulgence', or we'll never know the end of this saga.



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