Friday, 19 August 2011

Journaling to Clear Your Mind ...

Journaling ~ Ideas and ways to clear you mind ~ Chill out ~ Press that creative button ...

You can't get to sleep at night?

You keep waking up every hour? ... Your mind's too active?

You're stressed about an / event / exam / interview / deadline ?

It's time to get Journaling .........

Clearing your mind so you can concentrate on the main goal whether it be exams / work / relationships / other [don't you just love that option?]

Choose a small blank book, cheap and blaring with faint blue lines if you wish, torn and tatty from the bottom of a drawer or filing cabinet will suffice, hard back - using up a present, colourful [you may have bought it for your kids and borrowed it back], beautifully hand-decorated ... [ receceived it as a present] ... any sort of book will be fine if it feels right to you. Also, a pen, roller-ball, fountain, biro or pencil would be useful ...

Write for five minutes before bed / sleep ... or choose a time to suit you

Write non-stop about any topic that comes into your mind

Let your mind wander ... Don't stop writing

Write with big letters, small letters, shout! be messy ... but don't stop until the time is up ...

If you can't think what to write, write just that! Repeat yourself if necessary

This is Not a diary but Yes, write everyday

You don't have to read what you have written :)

You dont have to share what you have written :)

Your writing may seem like ramblings ... It doesn't matter :)

Now that all the spare information milling round in your head is on paper ~ you may even feel more free :) :)

Later, you may want to go back and read some of your literary ramblings ~ they may make sense ~ they may not. Either way, let's hope you can sleep longer, concentrate harder, feel better and enjoy a sense of freedom from over-thinking.


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