Sunday, 1 August 2010

Blackpool Festival of Words 2nd - 9th October

Hi Everyone,

I'm back from a well earned break [well I think it was well earned] - and have volunteered to help out with the Blackpool Festival of Words - although I have to say - it is already very well organised with events planned - author visits - poetry readings - fun things with words - schools and local community involved .... So ...

Do you fancy contributing to a newspaper? Here's how:

Words, Words & Other Stuff, the official newspaper for Wordpool,
Blackpool Arts and Library Services' fourth annual Festival of Words
will take place in and around Blackpool from 2 - 9 October

Words, Words & Other Stuff are looking for:

POETRY - any theme or age limit

FLASH STORIES - between 50 and 100 words !!

YOUR THOUGHTS - What is the future of POETRY? What is the future of BOOKS?



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  2. Love the look an idea of your new blog. I think witty poetry is back with avengeance along with handmade and art! Out with commercialism and mass production !

  3. Couldn't agree more ...
    I've got a lots to write / talk about - add links for writers - [competitions / workshops / create contacts] showcase other poets and upload some of my 'stuff' yet...