Monday, 9 August 2010

Message to Self ...

Whilst my visitors are busy thinking up ideas for Mills and Boon characters and conflict ... I get to finish Touchstone ...

I did say I would keep you up to date with my novel writing goings on:

I have now edited the first draft up to and including chapter seven. Considering this has been in a box file for 3 years, I have been pleasantly surprised. The ideas seem to be going well. I've removed almost every adverb I could find and anything else ending in 'ly' ... It took some time, but like the shampoo advert, it was worth it.

inadvertently, happily, caringly, noisily, surprisingly, merrily, mockingly, menacingly, sulkily, sadly, sarcastically, suspiciously, cautiously, contentedly, jovially, threateningly, blissfully ... well I hope it is now !

Of course, I don't want to give too much away ...

Edward Spencer is hot under the collar [sorry about the pun] -he's just been exposed for bribery and corruption. There's an article in the newspaper. Wasn't the Chief Ed already in his pocket? Who had the needle for Edward? Who was privvy to inside information?

Meanwhile, the gorgeous wife Verity, who has given up her career as a corporate interior designer, to bear Edward's children, suffers in silence at her husband's infidelity and controlling behaviour.

Do we hate Edward right now? Do we love Verity? ... There's a long way to go ...

See you later,


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