Monday, 9 August 2010

Mills and Boon ~ Mills and Boon ??

Yes, right the first time, Mills & Boon. I know we 've all probably criticised the slim inexpensive novel [lla] at one time or another, slopping about on the bottom of a Tesco magazine shelf, but we can't knock a product that sells ~ especially in this financial climate.

So, after fully disengaging myself from writing my novel once again, I found myself deliberating over the pros and cons of writing romance in the Mills and Boon style. I found myself imagining. And I congratulated myself quietly, deciding that was a pretty cool place to be for an apprentice writer without a tutor or mentor.

Being the author of something entitled, Her Husband’s Trousers, didn't even deter me. I really became quite hooked on the the idea. I know I shouldn’t tease this specific audience, we need you, we really do, and I won’t. I’m absolutely not going to. I'm going to have a go, attend some specific classes on romancing the reader, discuss internal and external conflict to the deepest depths possible and learn to write sex scenes [Can that be taught?]. The writing course I enquired about says definitely, yes. So, adding to my list of projects, a first draft for Mills and Boon; boy meets girl, external conflict causes boy and girl conflict, boy and girl make up …

Now, we wouldn't want to waste any time ... Here's where you come in ... Any ideas for the external conflict [family / employment transfer / an ex ] which is going to cause a few problems for the innocent couple ??? Feel free to post your comments … and maybe we'll all have a little chat about them over coffee [usually around 11am]

Looking forward to hearing from you.
[No sugar in mine, just a couple or three plain chocolate digestives]




  1. Not considered my 'bag' this, but opening my mind to help get the ball rolling: army/navy posting to far-away country; local mafia involvement (a bit extreme haha); overbearing parents/family; illness of a loved-one (perhaps ex) affects relationship; religious beliefs take over relationship; a victim of internet/social media rumours; a slight drug dependency emerges on one side...

  2. Considering it's 'not your bag' you had a great go at it ... thanks ... ideas always motivate.
    Thanks. Gillian