Monday, 2 August 2010

My Novel ~ Where were we?

My first novel: working title: Touchstone

Well, I suppose I’ve been stretching the truth a bit – but what are stories for if not for that? I did lift my novel off the shelf and not only dusted it but re-filed it, edited it [practically re-wrote it … which took some time, actually from May to now. But I haven’t added any more actual text yet! To be honest, May was very much procrastination and June involved my birthday, so really, I’ve been re-organising the narrative since July with a break to send off 3 chapters of my children’s novel, Ramper Pot and Other Adventures [I know, it sounds a bit Blytonesque – but so what, not all children want monsters and sci-fi? – Do they? Okay, you’re probably right – but I’m going to have a go anyway.
So now, it’s 3rd August, and in my book [but not the novel], it’s taken around too many weeks to achieve very little at all. Now, if I didn’t’ keep checking my emails, face-book, twitter and my blog:, I could have added a whole new chapter or so, in maybe a couple of weeks…
Right, here goes, today I will finish editing first draft of chapter seven - then over the next few weeks, I’ll bring you all up to date with the comings and goings on of Verity, Edward, Kathryn, Rob and Geoff … and maybe ‘we’ can come up with a more exciting working or possible title.
All fired up and ready to go …
Speak soon,

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