Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Keeping busy ...

Just saying Hi everyone and letting you know that although it's 5 whole days since I posted the first chapter, `Edward`, from my novel, Touchstone, I've been busy putting finishing touches to some words, namely, preparing a pitch for agents re: Touchstone plus mailing the first three chapters of Ramper Pot Adventures ~ Hideaway [chapter book for 6-10 years] to a competition. Then I realised, this needed a pitch too. So, if you spend any time writing, you'll be fully aware that the right pitch, sent to a correctly named editor of a specifically suitable agency or publisher for your product could often take as long as a chapter ... and the rest! It is my/your calling card and needs to be perfected to the highest possible perfection... So that's where I'm off to just now. See you all tomorrow


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