Saturday, 18 June 2011

Coming Along ...

I've somewhat fashionably moved on from last week's three slips of computer copy paper, crudely stapled together; two ugly rectangles pencilled on the front cover [also of computer copy paper standard] [and just to make absolutely clear, its not that I have any problem with rectangles, infact I think they're quite a useful and orderly shape.]

But to get on with the poetry pamphlet, I've spent some part of the week, [most part], choosing, sketching, story-boarding, waffling, pricing the pamphlet's cover, bookmark, packaging and marketing [not forgetting editing and structing the content of course].

Here is proto-type 2nd stage. And yes, I am aware that the bookmark as yet is actually computer copy paper ... in yellow. I know there are white pieces of paper [ccp again] stuck on the front cover with Pritt Stick [didn't even buy a price-breaking unknown brand] and the recycled silver Christmas card string is to be replaced with something on trend: satin, wired, raffia ... the choices are endless.

Now for more decision making ... Yellowy-lime butterflies printed on white card with yellowy-lime inside card = ££££££'s ... or Ivory card with black printed butterflies; Ivory interior = reasonable rates. Hmmm ??

You are very welcome to help me choose. Comment in the box or email me:
Don't hold yourself back. Your ideas are totally appreciated.

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