Friday, 17 June 2011

Great blog! Info for aspiring writers of children & YA Writing ...

I definitely-absolutely-truly recommend Tracy's blog for 'All Things Children's and YA Fictoin, News, Reviews, Interviews and so on ... link below ...

I personally found it colourful, interesting and most of all, seriously useful.

Tracy who can be found at  'Tall Tales & Short Stories', is a Children's & YA writer who has a wealth of experience in theatre and film set design. [wouldn't you just lurrve to do that as a real job? I know I would have - hey ho, you can't will them all ! - My excuse - being born too long ago, in the North of England  [that's not really an excuse now ist it?], at a time when it seemed like we didn't have a transport system to anywhere further than Manchester. The real reason - [another excuse] - I couldn't read ... properly ... All the letters used to blurr into one another. No-one had heard of the word 'Dyslexia' or related problems. I hadn't dared let my mother know I couldn't read. Looking back, I'm not really sure how I got along. Needless to say, I was a seriously shy youth - and this was my reason [yet another excuse], for not getting out of town and into a career].

However, after life jammed with retail business; wedding gowns, creative workshops, here I am ... a wannabewriter, spending too much time reading, procrastinating with my blog and not enough time writing Ramper Pot Mysteries ~ The Hideaway [working title].

So check out Tracy on:

Read guest blogger, Miriam Halahmy's opinions on critique groups v tutor-led groups, 'Why you should join a critique group'.

So, thanks ladies, your words got me motivated ... now on with editing chapter 5 !


Incidently, I welcome brand new writers to forward manuscript samples where I'm willing to help with any grammar or structure issues [free]. Just email

[Gillian Hesketh MA]

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