Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Neck ache when writing? Yes but at least I've finished Chapter 5 ...

Phew, I've got a massive headache again today! Do you think it could be from reading, writing and typing overload? And no, it's not a hangover. Maybe wish it was, then at least I'd have an excuse.

Absolutely!  It's from typing for too long. Couldn't agree more. [My New Mantra: Must learn to focus on one project at a time]

But mostly, I find the trouble with writing/typing is the tightening of the shoulders and stiffening of the neck from leaning over a laptop / pc / notepad etc. Hence, blood circulation is not ideal. My physio explained that the weight of the head when leaning forward is maybe 3 times that when you are standing with correct posture. Reasonable information when you think about it. A simple exercise which she has coaxed me into - and really works for me, is this ...

Lie on the floor. Push your chin into your chest. Lift your head and count to 4. Relax. Do this 10 times every day or between writing bouts. [You can feel the neck muscles working]

After I'd been doing this for a while, I realised how much I took my neck for granted. Standing correctly also helps. Yes, I must remember to hydrate myself too. Less coffee. More water, I promise. And yes, I do go for a little walk around the garden now and again ... attend to the newly acquired ex-batery hens ... fill the dishwasher ... again ... but for now, it's going to have to be a couple of head-ache tablets ... because ...

The adrenalin is rushing as Chapter 5, Ramper Pot Mysteries ~ The Hideaway is getting a bit scary:  The devastation caused by the fire. Kids wrongly accused. The arrival of the abominable Riverside Ranger. [She even scared me!] And what about the metal detector? Did it work?

See you all later, when done a few neck exercises and answered a couple of problems for Charlie, Amy, Zak and Rob.

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