Thursday, 16 June 2011

Pamphlet Prep ...

So excited at the prospect of using my new treat ... almost as excited as last month's treat ... A DeWalt tool holder ... just for me [and of course, I'm eternally grateful for the men in my home, allowing me to be the designated household repair person !] Maybe I should get out more ... invest in handbags or spa treatments ... hmmm ... dreamy days ...

Anyway, back to the writing desk, I may be somewhat premature with my 'Ryaman's A4 Creative Craft Paper Trimmer' as I've not finished editing the chosen poems for the pamphlet yet. Do I believe in editing poems? Sometimes. I often consider poems are never, ever truly finished; they're always changing, fluid? Then, other times, I just have a feeling that a poem is complete and should never be messed with again. Too much editing can cause a poem to feel conrived. And we definitely wouldn't want that. If this happens, I often put it away to mature. Personally, I'd rather write a shorter poem in which the mood or essence feels good staight away. I'm also of the opinion that people, often short of time, don't have the patience to read really long pieces. Hence, my pamphlet, which is going to be a short collection of contemporary pieces bound in an attractive, tactile cover ... with bookmark gift.

So forgive me, but I must get off, covers to design, butterflies to sketch, stencils to cut ... Oh and maybe I'll have a go with the 'Ryman', check out its boasts of creasing, perforating, straight cutting, deckle edging, zig-zag cut and wavy cut. Have to admit, can't wait to try the 'deckle edge.' As for the future of the pamphlet, I'll need a trip the the stationers again ... for a long-armed stapler.

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